Organic Good Market plans to curate an in-person store (when it's safe to open) with USA made, safe and chemical-free products. We will rely on third-party certification and verification sites such as: USDA and NSF, Non-GMO, MADE-SAFE, EWG, Fair-trade and Cruelty-free.

All packaging will be made from recycled materials, offer post-consumer recyclable packaging and include FSC certified packaging. No single-use plastics will ever be sold. We will partner with Terracycle and collect deposits on recyclable packaging, which customers will be able to return for a credit. All paper products will be tree-free. We will offer refills on many of the products that we sell. Reusable shopping bags will be rented and sold. Customers will be offered a 10¢ credit for each reusable bag that is filled at purchase. Subscription services will be available for repeat shopping.


Customers can expect workshops and educational talks, product demonstrations and samples, as well as informative emails and a well-thought out blog. Consulting services will be available for families that want to convert their households to waste/plastic-free with safe products for their entire family. 


Every wood panel, light fixture, floor piece, countertop and chair will be available for purchase. The products we sell will become part of the fabric of our store and in turn, and if interested, you will be able to purchase these products directly through us. The letters of the alphabet will correspond with the letters of the US states and the numbers of the week; we will highlight products by each state weekly, year-round. Members will save on products and be able to buy new products first, in turn for a modest monthly membership fee.

We will carry products that are created by female, latinx and black-owned businesses.

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