Grove Collaborative

From natural household to personal care, everything at Grove is healthier for you and the planet—and works!

  • Free, carbon offset shipping.

  • Free trial of VIP shopping option.

  • No monthly commitments required

Sustainable home essentials, delivered to your doorstep.

  • Healthy choices made easy!

  • Discover amazing products that are equal parts healthy, effective, and ethical.

Never run out of essentials.

  • Out of hand soap? Not on our watch. We ship exactly what you need, right to your home.

Flexible monthly shipments.

  • Adjust, reschedule, or skip your monthly order. You're in charge.

Free shipping, eco-minded.

  • Your initial order ships free (VIP orders always ship free!). And we carbon offset every box.

By 2025, Grove will be 100% plastic-free.

  • Did you know that only 9% of plastic is recycled in the U.S. and 24 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean each year?

  • That’s why we’re moving Beyond Plastic. Introducing Grove’s plastic-free soaps and cleaning supplies. Plant-based and plastic-free for a naturally powerful clean.

I personally buy the following from Grove:

  • Tree-free Paper Towels, Toilet Paper and Tissues

  • Paper Towel Holder

  • Glass Soap Bottles with Silicone Sleeves (for bathroom and kitchen)

  • Glass Spray Bottles with Silicone Sleeves (bathroom/kitchen/glass)

  • Glass Room Spray

  • Face Masks for my daughter - see image below

  • Dish Soap and Hand Wash Soap (refillable: pouches are also returnable)


  • They greatly reduced their membership fee, the $19.99 is worth it and you don't need to be a member to order either. Members never pay shipping, which is a huge cost savings. Once I get back to work full-time, I will happily become a member.

  • They offer a subscription service, so you can automatically re-order items of your choosing.

  • They offer free products for your to try before you buy them.


  • Minimum purchase is $49 to qualify for free shipping.

  • You can only order 6 Tree-Free Paper Towels and typically I need more than 6 to last me until my next order. Yes, I am trying to reduce my tree-free paper towel use, I know.

  • If your unhappy with any of your products, let them know right away otherwise they have a grace period. They are really great at responding but I learned this the hard way with a few of my purchases.

I am an affiliate for Grove Co, which means instead of selling their products on my website, I earn a commission when you become their customers It's only $12 but hey everything helps! Make sure you use my referral link when you signup and if you have any questions just let me know, happy to help with the products I have personally tried.

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