Amber: Our amber fragrance is rich, musky, woodsy and warm.


Bamboo: One of our lighter scents, this calming fragrance blends grass and bamboo with subtle hints of cucumber, bergamot and lime.


Currant: Tart red currant blended with green and floral notes of jasmine, geranium and rose. Strong, aromatic and herbal.


Early Grey: Elegant and fresh. Notes of bergamot and jasmine give way to a light tea and sandalwood base.


Fig: This fruity scent has as its top note the fresh and crisp scent of sweet figs. It has a heart of green and floral notes and wood and musk to balance out the base.


Firewood: Unique and distinctive, this scent evokes the smokiness of a real wood fire.


Garden: A tantalizing mixed floral scent that smells like a lush garden.


Ginger: This strong, aromatic fragrance blends the spiciness of ginger, the freshness of orange and the depth and warmth of vetiver.


Grapefruit: Grapefruit, orange and lime with a whiff of ginger for spice.


Juniper: A complex and intoxicating summery blend of dewy florals and succulent fruits balanced by the woodsy, earthy aroma of juniper essential oil.


Lavender: The relaxing scent of lavender is combined with notes of bergamot and cedar.


Leather: Spicy, woody and aromatic. A strong masculine scent that mixes notes of leather, tobacco and spices.


Marrakech: Reminiscent of the scent of spices and incense wafting through a North African bazaar. A powdery blend of bergamot, cardamom, oud, frankincense and myrrh.


Neroli: Fresh, floral and herbaceous, this scent blends essential oils from the leaves, twigs and blossoms of the bitter orange tree.


Night Blooms: This exotic floral fragrance blends tuberose with night blooming jasmine to give you the scent of a night in a tropical paradise.


Ocean: A complex scent that blends salty, sweet and airy top notes with a base of amber and vanilla. 100% soy wax candle in minimal, elegant packaging.


Palo Santo: An uplifting fragrance based on Palo Santo ("holy wood"). Indigenous to Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru, Palo Santo has traditionally been burned to cleanse a person's energy field and heal a variety of ailments.  This lightly woodsy, sweet, and citrusy scent is a blend of cedar, almond, cardamom, mint, and lemon.


Pine: A sophisticated and crisp pine scent with aromatic top notes of eucalyptus and herbs. (Seasonal: Not returnable)


Sandalwood: A lingering and exotic woody scent with a touch of rose.


Vanilla: Mysterious, layered, and complex. A rich, sultry scent that blends vanilla with notes of tobacco and amber.


Clear or black glass option with wood lid.


Candles are 7.5 oz with an approximate burn time of 50 hours.

Height: 3 1/2" Diameter: 3 1/2".


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